Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get To The Choppa

This from the Tonight Show ...

I ordinarily never watch any of these shows, but I tuned into Leno a couple of times on his way out and then into Fallon on his way in.  Massive upgrade -- one man's opinion -- although it will be better when Fallon stops fawning on his guests so much.  The man's interviewing technique is milquetoast at best.

On a related item, there's this ...

Helicopter Ben.  Which, even now, years later, makes me smile.  Somewhere on this painting, although I'm damned if I can find it with a quick scan, are the words "Get To The Choppa!"

A classic.

Planned spring painting:  Bernanke Au Revoir.  Likewise Geithner Au Revoir.


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