Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good news and bad

The good news is that Sebastian Vettel managed to qualify in 12th place in Melbourne late last night.  Which has to be the lowest quali spot he's had in years.  The bad news is that his teammate qualified 2nd.

The hope here was that the Red Bulls would live up to their preseason performance of complete disfunction.  And Vettel's finish bears that out.  But what's Daniel Ricciardo doing finishing second?  Does that mean that the car's actually fine?  God help us.  Of course the whole thing took place in a driving rain storm, which creates a parallel universe in which nothing means nothing once the track dries out.

One can only hope.

The Mercedes, as also predicted, were strong, with Hamilton on the pole and Rosberg in third.  Alonso was fifth.  Kimi 12th, after a bit of a shunt.


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