Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Beatles

So I'm reading this massive Beatles biography by some guy and after about 250 pages of farting around (we still haven't even left for America yet) it's starting to hit it's stride.  So naturally I find myself on U-Tube checking out old Beatles performances.  I came across a string of remastered, colorized, over-dubbed versions of 1965 Shea Stadium and they are quite something.

This one is particularly amusing ...

... if for no other reason that Paul takes his hands off his bass around the 2:35 mark yet the instrument keeps playing.  Paul was a better bass player than he often gets credit for, but really, that's amazing.

Also amusing is when he somehow screws up the words.  The look on Lennon's face as he stares over at Paul is the definition of good clean fun.

There are lots of issues with this video for the purist, but with the crowd noise cleaned up in a weird sort of way it's both quite a look at an historic moment and a fairly surreal experience.  And they hadn't even started dropping acid in '65.

If you let it play all the way through, the usual U-Tube grid pops up recommending other related videos, and there's a bunch of additional numbers from that concert, all doctored in a similar manner, some better than others.

Go Mets.


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