Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And a Thought on this Whole Phil Jackson Business

I have this fantasy that Phil Jackson can rescue the Knicks.  I doubt it's true, but I hold onto it anyway.  And yet, despite this, I would say to Phil Jackson "Run for your life, man!  James Dolan will crush your will and your spirit and you will wander off a few years later, shaking your head and thinking to yourself that you never should have taken the job."

I'm reminded of Donnie Walsh, who was also guaranteed autonomy but not really given it.  He wandered off a few years later, shaking his head.  I figure it will be the same with Jackson.  Except I think Jackson, a man who doesn't suffer fools easily, is constitutionally less well-equipped to deal with Dolan than Walsh was.

I was a Bullets fan when Jackson was a Knick.  And, years later when I was a Knicks fan, Jackson, as coach of the Bulls, inflicted more basketball-related emotional pain than almost anybody.  Excluding Michael and Scotty, of course.

So I don't have this great well of fondness for the man.  And I still say run for your life, Phil.


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