Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seventy-two hundredths

Otherwise written as .72, if you're comfortable with decimals.

Another approach is Point72, which is the new name of SAC Capital Advisors.  This, apparently, refers to the address of the company headquarters in Greenwich, CT.  I, being less well-informed, assumed it was the percentage of trades conducted by SAC that involved illegally-obtained information.

Which is mean-spirited humor and I apologize.  They were probably good people whose work was misunderstood by the SEC.

I've never painted Steven Cohen.  Perhaps I should do an inverted one.  Something like this ...

Although, at this point, one might be accused of piling on.

Your job is to paint, my friend.  Let history decide what's piling on.
Nicely said.  Ethically corrupt, but nicely said.
Thank you.


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