Saturday, March 08, 2014

Oh Look! Dr. Burke is coming back to Grey's Anatomy

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy.  I used to, years ago, when in its early days it hovered between being pretty good and just okay, in a limited way, for an off night.  But the Izzy-killing-her-boyfriend-by-unplugging-his-heart-machine-and-not-getting-fired-much-less-indicted story line signaled the moment it jumped the shark; jumped the tracks; jumped Jack Flash.  

At which point I simply stepped away, and I can't imagine any thinking person not doing the same thing.  Yet, amazingly, several of my friends, mostly women, continue to watch.  So, for them, I provide this clip of Dr. Yang, the talented intern, and Dr. Burke, the world-renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon, back when their love was burgeoning ...

I do so because I recently read that, as part of Dr. Yang's departure, they are bringing back Dr. Burke for one episode.  It should be noted that Dr. Burke broke Dr. Yang's heart when he left, so it might be fun to tune back in for this one episode.


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