Friday, February 28, 2014

Dark Knight Rising

Everybody knows that the King James version of the Bible is the best one of all time.  By, like, a mile.  So it should come as no surprise that the currently extant King James, that being the one playing for the Miami Heat, would have the coolest protective mask of all time.  By, like, a mile.

I wish I had a better picture, but I'm loving the carbon fiber.

Did you watch the Heat pulverize the Knicks last night?  Oddly enough, it was kind of a fun game in the first half.   Carmelo Anthony poured in twenty points or so (marking his third consecutive 20-point half) and the Knicks were down by about five.  They actually narrowed it to two, early in the third.  And then the flood gates opened.

Here's another guy in a great looking mask ...

You may recognize Emmy Rossum, currently starring in Shameless, in her dewey phase.

But back to basketball, there was one moment in the third period that said it all:  The Knicks score a basket.  LeBron then takes the inbounds pass at about his own foul line, dribbles the remaining 3/4 of the court and dunks the ball without a single Knick doing anything.  Unmolested, I am telling you.  Untouched by human hands.

It should be noted here that while Carmelo Anthony either can't or won't play a lick of defense (other than rebound, at this his numbers are at an all-time high), he is an offensive wonder.  A genuine thing of beauty.  Which made me think of my boy Scully last night.

Scully -- a Syracuse fan -- always shakes his head when I talk about pro basketball.  He believes that the college game is vastly better than the pro game.  And last night, watching the Heat, I realized what was wrong with his logic.

If you believe that basketball is the ballet of sport, then I want to watch the best ballerinas in the world.  And some of the things Flash Wade was doing last night just made me laugh out loud, and then hit the 10-second rewind button.  College kids can't do that shit.  Sure, they're more emotionally vested.  Which is good.  And sure, there's that whole college basketball scene.  Which is also good.  And when Duke plays Carolina, the tension is palpable.  Which is also good.  But college kids can't do the shit D-Wade was doing last night.

And that's why you watch pro ball.

Are you familiar with the work of Alistair Macaulay?
I am.
You sound just like him.
Thank you.  That's a beautiful thing to say.


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