Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Commentariat Weighs In ...

In response to the post titled "We'll miss you, Alec," a friend of mine wrote:

A quick note. The patronizing tone these news a-holes take with Russell Brand is criminal. They repeatedly insult him to his face, ignorantly dismiss the content of everything he says with their called hack comments about his hair and dress, yet despite their moronic musings he rises above it with intelligent humor and exposes them as the shallow idiots they are. I don't think he wanted to, but they forced him into it. Don't go toe to toe with a English street kid who's cut his teeth on stand up stages across the world unless you want your ass handed to you. I know you can relate to this patronizing bullshit, being a tall artist with a sense of humor and a great head of hair. Have you been on Morning Joe? If not, I'm sure you'll be ready.

I've never been on Morning Joe.  Someday, if they ask me, I'll say yes and, ideally, dominate the conversation for several minutes then conclude by asking "So this is what you people do for a living?"

But I'm not that lucky.  Although I do have a nice head of hair.  But that's not luck, that's genetics.  Which is a form of luck, I suppose.


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