Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dark Knight Rising, Volume 2

Remember, back in the day, when, if you wanted to wear a headband while playing in the NBA, you could just go down to the Sports Authority, or wherever, buy one and put it on your head.  I'm reminded, of course, of Slick Watts.

Anyway, those days are long gone.  Now the only acceptable headbands have a big NBA logo on them.

So it's not surprising that the NBA told Lebron James that he can't wear his black, carbon-fiber mask.  He has to wear a clear one.  Does this anger you, or is it just me?

The mask is here ...

Really?  That's it?  The NBA thinks the difference between this one and the black one is vital?  I have some thoughts about this but I just got back from a bit of a trip and hadn't posted in a while and couldn't help myself.  Then it started to go on and on, as it sometimes does, and I realize that I'd rather have a cup of tea and read The Times than tell you, at this exact minute, what my further thoughts are vis-a-vis the NBA and their stupid mask rule.  But I think it has something to do with guns, thugs and harmony.

Where's that from?
The guns, thugs and harmony line.
Dunno.  But it does sound familiar.  Like the name of a rap group, maybe.
Maybe.  But welcome back.
Thank you.
You're welcome.  But no sentence should have six commas.
You refer to the first one of this post?
I do.
I disagree.
I'm sure you do.
There's no fat in that sentence, punctuation-wise.  It is what it is -- a glorious, rollicking, roller-coaster of a ride.  I stand behind it 1000%.


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