Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ahhhh, Technology

Did you watch Deadwood on HBO back in the day?  I always thought it was amazing, and was keenly disappointed when David Milch ended that series so he could produce John from Cincinnati, also for HBO.  And we all know how that turned out.

If you aren't, I would urge you to do so.  The ingredients required include:

1 Internet connection with WiFi
1 Motorola Moto X phone
1 Chromecast dongle
1 High definition television
1 HBO subscription
1 HBO Go app

It should be said that I started back in on Deadwood (I watched it during its initial run) a little while ago, so my decision was not based on watching this ...

But if I hadn't already made that decision, seeing this I soon would have.

Particularly fun is the cast, not the least of which includes my boy Timothy Oliphant, currently starring in the best show on television, Justified; Molly Parker, currently starring in House of Cards (if current is the right word for a television show that presents its entire season at the same time); and Anna Gunn, of all people, who is now wildly famous for her portrayal of Skyler White in Breaking Bad.  Plus a slew of other people, with Ian McShane deserving a special nod for his foul-mouthed Al Swearengen.

Great name:  Anna Gunn.

Daughter #2 (who, wisely, doesn't read The Year of Magical Painting) is preparing to move into her own apartment in a couple of weeks.  My job will be to come down on the appointed day, sit on her sofa, and wait for the cable guy to come and install her cable.  Although I have already contributed mightily to the success of this move, I do plan on giving her one small, additional present.  That being a Chromecast dongle.

Which, honestly, is the most extraordinary little device one could possibly imagine.  At $35 flat, with no additional fees, it's possibly the best deal in current technology.  If you like to watch television.  If you're one of those annoying people who say they don't watch television, don't get one.

If you see her, say hello.  She might be in Tangiers.  But under no circumstances should you tell her about my gift.


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