Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Interior decorating

I bet these boys are expensive.  Still, when you see a good idea you have to say something ...

Like when you see a bag left under a subway seat.
Pardon me?
$5,800.  That's how much the table costs.
Is that expensive?  I mean, it's not just a table.  It's art too.
Hard to say.  It either is or it isn't, typically as a function of your annual income.
I wonder if it's signed on the bottom.

I like this one, with the little lake ...

People pay more than $5,800 for my paintings (although if you order today I'll paint a small portrait of you for exactly that amount), and you can't put your coffee mug on them.  Or a lamp.  Or part of your collection of old Artforums.  Although I do sometimes think you could make a cool floor covering out of one, given enough coats of whatever it is you slap on fabric that makes it a floor covering.

According to this, it's non-yellowing latex polyurethane.  And I'm fine with that.


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