Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another satisfied customer

I deliberately didn't post the progress of this painting since its subject visits these pages on occasion.

Now that subject and portrait have been united, that becomes less of an issue.  In fact, the subject himself, who I'll name Marcel for these purposes, posted a photo similar to this one on his Facebook page.  Some brief time later a friend of his posted "I don't see it."

This, I have to tell you, threw me into a fit of teeth-gnashing rage.  I toyed with responding "Excuse me?  You don't see it?  I didn't paint it so you could see it.  I painted it so I could see it!"

But I didn't want to be a massive asshole, so I'm writing it here instead.  Here, nestled amidst the ample bosom of my thousands of readers.  God bless you all.

If you look closely at the lower left corner of the image you can see the words Polaroid #1 scrawled on the white stuff.  As I think I've mentioned, I do like the idea of doing "Polaroids" of my friends, and after a considerable period of fucking around with this painting, I'm pretty happy with the Polaroidy-ness of the thing.

Update:  Apparently I did post the progress of this painting during early July.  I hope Marcel didn't see it.  He seemed genuinely surprised.

"Nothing like what I'd expected," he said.

Which, for me, is the gold standard of comments.  Who wants what they expect?


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