Friday, August 08, 2014

George Orwell Weeps

It took True Blood, the HBO vampire show, about a season and a half to jump the shark.  After which I stopped watching.  I tried coming back to it this year, for the final season, just to see.  But it didn't hold any interest.

One thing, however, did stick with me:  At some point between the first season and now, somebody re-recorded the theme song so that the line "I want to do bad things to you" was changed to "I want to do bad things with you."

Which, I don't have to tell you, is quite different.

Since it's HBO, they won't allow me to embed the video of the opening credits here.  But if you click here, you can watch it on U-Tube.  Which makes no sense, but there you are.

And, because we live in a world that would make George Orwell gnash his teeth and weep at the realization that he vastly underestimated mankind's capacity for hypocrisy and institutional evil-doing, I can't find evidence of this change anywhere.

Except on level 4, aisle 3, section 1065-b of my memory.  As filed under "True Blood Theme Song"

Perhaps I'm wrong.  But let's reflect, friends, for a moment about the general attitude of vampires.  That being that humans are nothing more than food products.  Things from which one derives nourishment, rarely in a manner one might term consensual.  That's why doing bad things TO you sounds like a vampire and doing bad things WITH you sounds like somebody in the legal department got a nasty letter from some right wing nutcase with a hard-on for politically correct television (why someone like that would even be watching True Blood is just one of the many conundra surrounding the far right), and had them change all the lyrics, plus any trace of the original.

Although perhaps I'm just going crazy.

Regardless, here's a picture of Ben Bernanke envisioned as just such a blood sucking fiend ...

Which is a bit harsh, given all the other motherfuckers on Wall Street that the artist might have chosen.

Here's a video you can watch:  The songwriter Jace Everett performing his song outside the HBO context ...


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