Monday, September 22, 2014

Ahhh, the Irony

One more reason for Scotland to hang tight with the UK:   The Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced yesterday that it would be divesting itself of all fossil fuel-related assets.  Which is more powerful as irony than it is as an economic factor.

But add to this the fact that Germany, the dominant economy in Europe, recently announced that 30% of its energy was coming from renewable (i.e. non-fossil) sources.  Thirty percent!  That's a lot.  Apparently the growing adoption of solar energy by the Germans has caused a bit of a tipping point for solar panel costs, accelerating their already vertiginous drop in prices.

So pinning one's hopes as an economically sound, independent country on future proceeds from the the North Sea oil fields seems to make even less economic sense than it might have twenty years ago.


Did you happen to see the PBS special the other night called The Royal Paintbox in which Prince Charles gave the viewers a one-hour tour of the many works of art created by the royal family?  And these people, let me tell you, never threw anything away.  We're talking about sketches from the 1600s.

So it was comprehensive, to say the least.  Or as comprehensive as a one-hour television show can be.

Very enjoyable.  Prince Charles has turned into a pretty talented watercolorist.  Particularly his work in the hills surrounding Balmoral.  Which, as every body knows, is in Scotland.

One more reason!


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