Monday, September 29, 2014

Edge, adelante con los blues

I love it when the Commentariat weighs in.

Weighs in?  How about gets downright nasty?

I refer to this recent comment on my Goat's Head Soup post ...

Sir were you there or were you not there. Reasonable chance? In all due respect, you are enervating readers like me with the same crapola as is dished by the Facebook minions. Get focused, maan!!!

First of all, I still love you, even when you're unpleasant.

Second?  Okay, I was at Madison Square Garden.  So were the Rolling Stones.  Neither happened by accident -- I was paying a great deal to be there and the Stones were being paid a great deal to be there too.  They looked about as old as they do in the video.  They sang Angie.  There were television cameras on stage but, that said, it didn't look like a Martin Scorsese movie either.  So it seems to me like there was a reasonable chance that my friend Eric and I were in the audience when they taped this number.  At the same time, it's certainly possible that the footage on the video was done another night.  They were there for like a week.

What's wrong with that?  Sounds like precision in blogging to me.

I'm reminded of Rattle and Hum, U2's live album.  The part where Bono is laying down some speechifying in the middle of a song called Silver and Gold.  He is going on, as Bono is wont to do, about South Africa, Apartheid, Bishop Desmond Tutu and related stuff.  Then he stops and says to the audience, "Am I enervating you?  I don't mean to enervate you."

Wow!  What a moment!

I don't think he said enervate.
No.  I think he said "Bug you."  As in "I don't mean to bug you."

That actually sounds about right.  What I do remember is that after the bug you business he then says, "Okay, Edge.  Play the blues."  And it sounds like alien space ships attacking the Earth and nothing, in fact, like the blues.  Although the blues can mean so many things to so many people, so maybe he is.

Outstanding!  The bit is at 5:27.

If anybody knows how to download the new U2 album off the Apple Store for free, please send me a note.  It looks like I have to be in the cloud, which I'm not.  Is that an exclusionary factor?  Because I don't want people hacking into my cloud and finding nude pictures of me.


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