Sunday, September 28, 2014

Greek Chorus

In the post titled "Running With Scissors" I suggested that I was "singularly blessed" to have a Greek Chorus.  But that's not accurate.  I mean, I'm blessed to have one, but not singularly so.

Hell, I'm not even the only guy at my favorite bar that has one.  My boy Harbour has a Greek Chorus.  You can read his blog here.

I've read that blog.
I think they must be part-time employees.  They don't crop up all that much.
I wouldn't presume to say.  
I'm guessing that he spends most of his money employing a professional photographer.  
Interesting point.  The photos are much nicer than the ones we have here.

Plus there are guys like Sophocles and Aristophanes.  They all had them too.

I miss Aristophanes.
You knew him?
Besties.  A lot of people don't realize that his first name was Mort.


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