Saturday, September 27, 2014

William in Wonderland

How about the boys at Pimco channeling the Queen of Hearts and cutting William Gross's head off?  He seems to be taking it well ...

I hadn't realized the guy was 70.

Gross is one of the most successful bond guys in history, plus a bit of a crackpot.  One of his latest shareholder communications was, in significant part, a eulogy for his recently-deceased cat.  I can understand that.  Here's a picture of Mr. Pickles ...

We're watching Around The Horn on ESPN.

Today's Deep Thinking:  When you're making a gazillion dollars and the world is your oyster, it's fine to eulogize your cat.  But when the magic is gone and returns are meager, better to focus on business.  Which was something Mr. Gross was, by some accounts, loathe to do.

So they cut off his head.


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