Friday, September 26, 2014


For a man who doesn't own a car, I sure post about them a lot.

This, you would be excused for not knowing, is what the Dyson Racing Team is fielding these days in the Pirelli World Challenge series.  A hopped-up, chopped and channeled Bentley Continental GT3 with a wing on the back.  Which is appropriate, given that the Winged B is the Bentley hood ornament ...

Same picture, really.  If you think about it.

For a company that makes pretty good vacuums and then sells them at stupendous prices, racing a Bentley seems just about right.  Plus there's all that Hail Britannia stuff.  After all, before he switched to Aston Martins, no less a British icon than James Bond drove a 1930 Blower Bentley.

God Save the Queen!

All that aside, there's no denying it is a pretty smooth set of wheels.  And speaking of smooth, consider Hannah Ferguson's turn in the recent Carl's Jr. commercial.  I bring this up not because Paris Hilton is appearing in a supporting role -- because who gives a shit about Paris Hilton?  This woman has vastly exceeded her sell-by date -- but because of the stunning black Bentley Continental that she drives up in.  

When I first saw this on television I was so smitten I hit my rewind-ten-seconds button several times.

To fully appreciate the car, the key is to hit the pause button at exactly half way between the :18 and :19 marks.  This way the image of Ms. Hilton is in its least prominent state while the Bentley is clearly visible.

Today's deep thinking:  If you, rightly, believe that the whole Kardashian business is the salient example of what is wrong with the world today, then you have to lay the lion's share of the blame squarely at the feet of Ms. Hilton.  She, after all, was leveraging getting famous banged on video into billions of dollars long before Kim Kardashian was even a glint in Ray J's eye.

Granted this is the most glib, superficial take on a complex sociological phenomenon imaginable.  I mean, surely the guys who invented Twitter have to absorb some of the heat? But here at The Year of Magical Painting we trade vigorously in the glib and superficial.  So there you are.

I am, in response to her appearance in the ad, choosing not to eat at Carl's Jr.  Whatever the hell that is.

That's a smooth car, though.


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