Thursday, September 25, 2014

Woodlawn Cemetery

Check out this great article in ArtNews.

The gist of the thing is that artist Patricia Cronin, thinking ahead because she's certainly alive right now, bought a plot for her and her partner Deborah Kass in historic Woodlawn Cemetery.  Then she installed this on top of it ...

Called "Memorial to a Marriage."  Beautiful.

I suppose there must be some mechanism for lifting the thing up and tucking Ms. Cronin and Kass into place when the time comes.

Even meager cemeteries can be lovely, each in their own way.  It's the peace of the places that sets the stage, I suppose.   Woodlawn Cemetery, located in The Bronx, is a downright beautiful cemetery.  Also chock full of notables, not the least of whom being J. P. Morgan.  The guy with bank.

My friend Mary Jane O'Malley takes some of the loveliest pictures in cemeteries.  Mostly Oakwood Cemetery here in Historic Troy.  This, I think, if one of my favorites ...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you paint this ... I might even buy it

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