Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Downton Abbey

They've started Season Five in England.  Scotland's allowed to watch too, since it didn't secede.


Me?  I'm trying to avoid whatever dark corners of the internet that might contain spoilers, although I personally don't mind knowing what's going to happen.  Otherwise how would I be able to watch Game of Thrones?  If you want a recap of the first episode, read this.  But don't say I didn't warn you.

As regards Downton Abbey, two things:

First, an apology to Dan Stevens, whose character Matthew Crawley crashed his AC into a lorry on the way home from seeing his son for the first time and bought the farm at the end of Season Three.

Why would the heir to one of the grandest estates in Yorkshire buy a farm?  He already owns like fifty of them.
Buying the farm is a euphemism for dying.
Oh, wow.  What a bummer.  What's Lady Mary going to do?
That, I suppose, is the story going forward.

Also a bummer because the AC Six he wrecked was not just a pretty sweet ride but also the great, great, great grandfather of the AC Cobra, the greatest sports car of all time.  Very nice ...

When he left the show I suggested that Stevens had neither the hair nor the chops to be the new Hugh Grant.  Moot point since, it turns out, he's making a habit of playing murderous psychopaths.  The just released "The Guest" jumps to mind in this regard.  And garnering some critical acclaim while doing so.  So good for him.

Second, I hope they find Lady Edith's boyfriend Michael Gregson in one piece.  He was last reported getting his ass kicked in Weimar Germany by nascent brownshirts.  I have no idea if they do, but the girl deserves a break.


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