Monday, September 22, 2014

One Last Item on Standard Oil

Which has morphed, over the years, into ExxonMobil.  But was once, here in the US, called Esso.  Get it?  S.O. equals Esso?

I call your attention to Jenson Button's McLaren, which, although painfully slow, is the most beautiful car on the circuit these days ...

The top of the body is metallic gray and the side-pods and wings are glistening triple-black.  Written on the side of the car are the words Johnny Walker.  Which makes me want to order a Johnny Walker Black Label the next time I'm at the Malt Room.  Which surely must be the desired effect.

But that's not the point as it relates to Standard Oil.  Note the branding on the rear wing.

Fun, yes?

If you ever go to the Tiffany's flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, you owe it to yourself to take the elevator to the floor that says "Statement Jewelry."  Which couldn't be tackier, but who am I to judge Tiffany's?  The statement in question, one supposes, goes roughly: "I'm richer than you."  Something like that.

Anyway, the manner in which they display the emerald rings, the diamond bracelets, the emerald and diamond necklaces, is astonishing.  For one thing, you're not allowed to touch the stuff.  [Duh]  You stare at the jewelry through glass-topped display cases.  What Tiffany's -- those clever people -- has done is line the inside of the top of the display cases with thousands of little spot bulbs, so that the facets of the diamonds, for example, pick up each one and seem to almost glow.

It's really astonishing.  The living embodiment of Poppy Bush's Thousand Points of Light he was always talking about.  The irony that only rich people get to actively participate is not lost on me, but let's leave that for another day.

Shift instead, friends, to the Singapore Grand Prix.  Which couldn't have turned out worse.  The only good bit was that Singapore is the only night race on the entire calendar, and the way the highly polished cars look under the thousand or so lights that line the course is almost identical to how the statement jewelry looks at Tiffany's.

Even the Ferraris -- possibly the ugliest Ferraris of all time -- looked fabulous.

Oh look!  There's Jenson trying to catch up to my boy Kimi Raikkonen ...


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