Saturday, September 27, 2014


Remember when I was mumbling something about buying one of these bad boys?

The thinking being that once the cost of the razor had been absorbed I'd no longer have to pay twenty bucks for five replacement blade cartridges.  And that I could use the saved money to buy beer and paint supplies.

Great.  Now, if I could I'd draw your attention to the window in the upper right of my iMac's display.  It's telling me that the batteries in my wireless mouse are low and that I should be replacing them soon.

Which would be fine, in the general scheme of things, except that it happens way too frequently.  This fucking mouse is a battery eater.  I bet I don't get a month on a new set of batteries.  I'm thinking about cracking open my old iMac and nabbing the keyboard and mouse from that.  Since those two things connect to the back of the computer and require no further attention.

Plus the old Apple keyboard had a discrete numerical pad built right in.

As if you ever use a numerical pad.
I never do, but it is nice to have.
Like stereos that reproduce sounds you're unable to hear.
Yes.  A comfort know you have it if you want it.


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