Monday, September 29, 2014

Goat's Head Soup

We're gonna frack this mother til the water runs purple, summers in Saskatchewan hit 115 degrees regularly, and baby farm animals are born with two heads.  Which will be great if you like goat's head soup, because there will be more heads with which to make it.

I refer, of course, to our uneasy relationship with the Earth.  And more specifically to the growing belief that natural gas, which we suddenly seem to have an abundance of here in the United States, is going to solve the oil problem.  Which, in all seriousness, is a fine idea so long as you, in your zeal, don't leak tons of it into the air.  Or contaminate the water table.  Both of which being easier said than done.

The good news?  The one thing the financial crisis taught us is that we can, with a high level of confidence, rely on the fossil-fuels industry to do the right thing.  They are not, after all, bankers.

Did you know that if you go down to your Ford dealer and buy a Ford F-150 -- the vehicle more Americans buy than any other, year in and year out -- you can, for another 350 bucks, have them convert it to natural gas?

Which is way cheaper on a per-mile basis than the other gas.  Which, apparently, isn't natural.

Unfortunately, fueling -- like breaking up -- is so very hard to do.

I would have bet a million bucks on the a Stones song.
Because of the title of the post?
Fair enough.  How about this one ...

Brief personal aside:  There is a reasonable chance that my friend Eric and I were sitting in the audience at Madison Square Garden the night they taped this song.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir were you there or were you not there. Reasonable chance? In all due respect, you are enervating readers like me with the same crapola as is dished by the Facebook minions. Get focused, maan!!!

1:13 PM  

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