Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gender Economics and Modeling

I was looking at the Thom Browne picture I put up a post or two below this one ...

... and I got to thinking that it must suck being a male model.  You're standing there, dressed up, looking like a complete idiot and all you are thinking is: "What the fuck?  Here I am, dressed up like a complete fucking idiot in this Thom Browne suit and I can't believe that female models make about ten times what I make for doing the same job.  On average!  And I'm not talking Cara Delevingne -- upon whom, were I not gay, I would totally hit on.  I'm talking just your average skinny bitch with good skin wearing some Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear whatever."

I present this without comment other than to say thank God this isn't my problem.

Which is a comment.
I suppose so.


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