Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lewis Wins

What a lot of people may not remember is that Lewis Hamilton should already be a two-time World Champion, except that he got caught in the gravel while trying to get into the pits in China and Kimi Raikkonen won the title by a point or two.  I think that's how it worked -- it was a long time ago.

Anyway, all that's now moot.  Hamilton, on whom I'm forcing myself to warm as practice for embracing Sebastian Vettel's arrival at Ferrari, blew Nico Rosberg up in Abu Dhabi and walked home for the win.  Which is fine.  Lewis used to be a lot more annoying than he is now that he's grown up a bit.  Less of a whinger these days.  In fact, he's quite a nice young man by most accounts.  Plus, he dates Nicole Schwarzenegger, or somebody, and she's pretty easy on the eyes.

And let's be real:  When push came to shove, Lewis was substantively faster than Nico on a regular basis during the races, even though Nico out-qualified him over the course of the year.

Here he is carving donuts NASCAR-style in the Abu Dhabi tarmac ...

In Rosberg's defense, his engine suffered a significant malfunction and he spent the second half of the race 160 horse-power down on everybody else.  Which, if you drive a small- to mid-sized car, is like your total engine.  Thus his 14th place finish.  Not that it mattered -- Hamilton would have won the Championship even if he'd come in second behind Rosberg, and nobody else has really been in a position to challenge the Silver Arrows all year, barring mechanical issues.  So there you are.

Me?  I'm a Mercedes guy.  I like Toto Wolff, who runs the Mercedes team.  Great name.  Interestingly, Wolff's wife, Susie, drives for Williams.  I bet there's all kinds of shit they can't tell each other over dinner.

For Nico?  Hey, there's always next year.


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