Monday, May 14, 2007

Ahhhh...we're done

We're thinking we're done.

Which reminds me of that line from McCabe and Mrs. Miller regarding the so-called "Royal We."
What do you have? A turd in your pocket?
No. It turns out to be a Baby Ruth. But still, we're thinking we're done. And this is what we're done with:

Not bad for five days' work.

Probably aren't really done. I'm of two minds regarding the drop-out to black treatment on the cravat, as opposed to painting it in. I have some additional thoughts as well, but if my dealer called me and said "We need a painting tomorrow, we don't care what it is"--well, I'd just call it done and send it out.

I wonder what my dealer has in her pocket. A Baby Ruth?

Can't really think about that though. Wrapped up in math. To wit: five days per painting. Average price of painting--let's say $6,500. Given two weeks vacation, plus one personal day, this means 70 paintings per year, which yields about $450,000/year.

Wow. Somebody should alert my key people at the Peter McManus Cafe...tell them drinks are on me once I get there.


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