Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just You Wait...

Let's assume the New York Times has written between twenty-five and fifty articles about the recent MF Global uproar. Do you know what each (or, perhaps more accurately, every one I've read yet) has in common, besides the general subject matter and the mention of Jon Corzine?
Neither MF Global nor Mr. Corzine has been accused of any wrongdoing.
It is this sentence, repeated article after article, almost verbatim. It would make a fun title for a painting, wouldn't it? Now if it cropped up once in a while, as a point of anecdotal clarification, I'd understand. But it appears to be in every one. Do the lawyers at the most powerful newspaper in the world believe it is necessary to include this disclaimer? Have we come to this?

I'm angry with The Times.

And as regards the company, the man and the accusations, well just you wait.


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