Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The briefest of notes on Formula 1

Let the spectacle begin.

The interesting thing about modern F1 cars is that their bodies, wings and all, are such unbelievably complicated collections of forms and surfaces that it is almost impossible, even after extended visual consideration, to fully understand what the hell is going on. Nonetheless, here are some pictures:

Finally, a real picture of the Red Bull. © Sutton Motorsport Images

Jenson Button in the new McLaren. © Sutton Motorsport Images.

Felipe Massa in the new Ferrari. © Sutton Motorsport Images

Raikkonen in the Lotus. © Sutton Motorsport Images

The new Force India. © Sutton Motorsport Images.

The new Toro Rosso. © Sutton Motorsport Images.

Maldonado tries the Williams. © Sutton Motorsport Images

Kovalainen tries the new Caterham. © Sutton Motorsport Images

This whole "stepped nose" design--meaning the sort of ungraceful bump up from where the top of the nose cone meets the top of the body near the front wheels--seems to be prevalent this year. The only people who don't seem to have it are McLaren (second picture down). We, here at TYOMP, are Ferrari people. But we're not so small of spirit that we cannot acknowledge that the McLaren is a prettier car than the shiny red one just below it.

Speed, however, is what matters. And regarding this question, we shall see.

The official Formula 1 website is nice enough to provide a countdown to the first practice in Australia. As I type, it is 37 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes and 45 seconds. Roughly.


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