Saturday, February 04, 2012

Drinking games for the artsy set

If you own one of my paintings I'm sure you've played the drinking game already. A group of people, shots in hand, stand in front of, say, Alan Greenspan and look for annotations that involve some version of the phrase "I am Spartacus." Everyone but the winner has to take their shot. Glasses are then refilled and the game begins again.

All of which brings me to this video:

Surely you've seen this already. First, let me suggest that you turn the volume way up, as if it were "Who's Next" and you were getting in tune with the straight and narrow, because the soundtrack is really gorgeous. Then, as a group, shots in hands, you wait til you see an image that looks like a recognizable actress and you hit pause and shout out her name. Everybody else drinks.

This all came to me when I kept seeing Anne Hathaway. Perhaps this is because I recently saw that movie of hers where she had an incurable disease and she's dating the womanizing drug rep. I forget the name, but now I can't help but see Ms. Hathaway everywhere.

And speaking of nudity, do you remember this:

One of my Easter paintings. What may not be evident here is how big the thing is. Seven feet high, perhaps three across. Which seems just about the perfect size, interestingly enough, for my nude Wall Street series.

Since I haven't mentioned it recently, the idea is to paint full-length, life-sized nudes of some of my previous subjects. The general thinking is Greenspan, Bernanke and Paulson on the regulatory side and Cayne, Fuld and Hank Greenberg representing the private sector. And after some fussing in my mind, I think that I'll paint them in black and white. I'm inspired by the image contained in Big Krugman.

It looks like a sketch, but there was quite a bit of a sort of painting involved.

So I'm thinking of ripping "I Thirst" off its stretchers (I don't have any other 7 foot lengths on the studio), stretching some new canvas on the frame and having at it. Everything in black and white with the exception of a the same graphic device you see on the doors of 7-Elevens so the clerks can identify the height of the person who just robbed them and then ran out the door. This bit of color will be added on the "side" of the painting (where it wraps around the thick stretcher) and will be rendered in color.

Perhaps Greenspan first.


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