Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Priming canvas

So I'm listening to the Dave Clark Five's greatest hits and priming a canvas ...
How many can there possibly be?
Not as many as, say, the Beatles--I can assure you of that.
How many?
Ten, according to Epic Records, a division of CBS.
How long does it take to listen to all that?
Exactly the amount of time it takes to stretch and prime a canvas.
... except I finished the bottom of one can of primer (Benjamin Moore mid-price latex primer) and turned for my new, recently bought can--WHICH I KNOW I OWN--and can't find the goddam thing anywhere.

Which is frustrating. And I've been looking, man. I've been looking.

So I've wrapped the brush in one of those blue bags the NYT gets delivered in and am now going downstairs to buy a 12" BMT from Subway. On Italian. If I'm feeling particularly self-destructive--which I am right now--I might ask for oil & vinegar AND mayo. And perhaps a cookie.

The thinking is that if I don't look for the can, I will eventually find it.

Like Hamlet. Sort of.


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