Monday, June 18, 2012

Keith Haring

This is a great photo from the NYTimes of a Keith Haring painting titled "Matrix" currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum...

"Certain artists are always with me.  And surely Picasso is one of them."

This from Billy deKooning.  Searching for the exact quote, I googled the phrase "Picasso is always with me" and ended up here.  Which, if you aren't one to click through, is a TYOMP entry from 2006 titled "Picasso is always with me/Everybody must get stoned".  It features a half-done painting of a waitress from Elmo which, in hindsight, I should have left half finished.  It looks way cooler in this post than the final product does.  Knowing when to stop is the key, my friends.

Me?  I've got a list.  Picasso's right near the top.  So's Pollock.  I guess Keith Haring had a similar list because this is nothing if not Pollockesque.  Which is obvious, and accordingly, hardly an original thought, but there it is.

I sometimes get the urge to do something like this, but with neatly printed sentences.  Excerpts from my paintings.  Wall Street stuff.  I haven't fully figured it out, but the first sentence, starting in the upper left hand corner, as befits any first sentence, in our part of the world at least, reads something like "You won't be finding any fucking 'radiant babies' here, but what you will find..."

Something like that.   Just so we know going in that a debt to Haring is being paid.  Or rather, acknowledged, since no money will exchange hands.  We're not trying to fool anybody here, readers.  Homage.  Or fromage.  Whichever isn't the cheese.

FYI, this is a radiant baby:

And there's plenty of them in this--the above painting shot from the other side.

Its a big one.  Ink on paper, too.  Which is fun because I have a huge roll of paper just waiting for some ink.

The more I see this guy's work, the fonder I become of it.  Although I wouldn't say "Haring is always with me", because he's not.


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