Monday, November 12, 2012

Ina Drew

It's possible you may not know who Ina Drew is.  Which would make this seem relatively incomprehensible ...

Ina Drew was the senior executive at JPMorgan who led the team that lost 6 billion or so in a bad hedge deal this summer.  You may have heard references to one team member, the so-called London Whale.  One of the most accomplished women on Wall Street, Ms. Drew had her head cut off and handed to Congress, or whomever.  Proof, if you will, that there is culpability on Wall Street.

Culpability not to be confused with responsibility, of course.

Of course.
Reminds me of when Kevin Spacey UPS'd Gwyneth Paltrow's head to Brad Pitt in the closing scenes of Seven.
Yes.  The similarities are inescapable. 
To whom do you think Ms. Drew's head was sent?
Probably Maxine Waters.  But hard to say.

This painting is currently available, with frame, for $27,500.  If you are a JPMorgan employee with an interesting story, significant discounts are available.


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