Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Formula 1 in New Jersey

Did you know there's a lot of talk about constructing a temporary street course through the town of Weehawken and running a Formula 1 race there next season?


The insanity of this is matched only by the persistence of the rumor.  More than a rumor, really -- it's on the 2014 provisional racing calendar.  Of course, next to nothing, if not nothing at all, has been done to get the site ready.  And these things don't just slap together like Legos.  Plus, manomanoman, are they expensive.  We're talking tens of millions of dollars.  The going fee for a Grand Prix race is running about 50 million these days, and that's before anybody's even started thinking about building anything.  Who's gonna foot the bill?  Chris Christie -- draconian budgeteer and friend of the common man?

So I choose to believe that it will never happen.  And I'm amazed at the number of in-the-know members of the F1 community who disagree with me.

And hey -- I've been wrong before.  And I'm not a hater.  In fact, I love the idea of spending the week in NYC and taking the ferry from the west side piers over to the race.  And of course practice and qualifying.  I am also amused at what I'm imagining the looks on the faces of the extremely well-heeled Europeans will be when they wander into Weehawken thinking it's like Monaco.

Likewise the look on the face of the average Weehawkenite when he or she hears what a Formula 1 car actually sounds like.  Up close and personal.


Blogger John Harbour said...

This actually passed and was on the books, big fan fare about 18 months ago, and then it got killed. Now it's back... Although I think it would have been better to have the course extend across the GWB, down the West Side Highway and out through the Lincoln tunnel. Can you imagine the rumble of those engines inside of there?

6:24 AM  

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