Sunday, October 13, 2013

Go Green

I'm okay, mainly, with today's Jets loss to the Steelers.  My expectations for the Jets are extremely modest (I'd be ecstatic if they went 8-8).  So I'm okay.  I even enjoyed it.  Hey -- we're rebuilding!

A friend of mine, sometimes called the Oracle of Richmond, once told me that the secret to happiness is managing expectations.  Which has a good deal of truth to it and is, I suppose, why he's sometimes called the Oracle of Richmond.

Me?  I just like having enough dishes so that I can fill the dishwasher to the brim and still have enough clean ones left to eat.

Likewise, having enough underwear to go weeks without having to do laundry.  I like the way George R.R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) calls them small clothes.  I think the single most important skill to have if you're writing fantasy fiction is the ability to coin terms that are both familiar and intuitive enough to make perfect sense and which yet feel engagingly foreign.  "Small clothes" fits the bill.

There's another example that's just slipped out of my head, but you get my meaning.

Back to the Jets:  Their best running back is a guy named Bilal Powell.  I like to shout BiLAAAL! at the television.  Even when Chris Ivory is running the ball.  Because honestly, who can tell them apart?

Don't they have different numbers?
Of course they do.  But who's got time to look at the numbers?  Particularly when they're at the bottom of the pile.

Tonight the Redskins play the Cowboys.  I hope they massacre them like Little Big Horn or something.  I also wonder if, when I shout BiLAAAL at the television, if my neighbors can hear me.


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