Saturday, October 12, 2013

Addressing gripes

The Commentariat observes ...

Can I make a gripe? Is the painting for sale or not? That's what I never understand about this blog? Are you selling, or not? What's the point of blogging about dylan when you really want to sell ryan?

All gripes welcome here, friend.  The Ryan painting is for sale, and it's a beauty.  No reasonable offer refused.  And the reason I'm blogging about Bob Dylan is directly related to my efforts to sell the painting.  It's like putting unbelievably hot women in beer commercials.

Or at least something like that, but not exactly.

Me?  I buy Budweiser products because I like the Clydesdales.  Particularly around Christmas.  I'm so old hot women do nothing for me anymore.  But I do like a big, hairy horse.

Here's a dog video ...


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