Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Commentariat weighs in ... and Rex should sit down and have some of the wife's toe cheese

Which really says it all.  

Don't get me wrong, buddy.  I'm not best friends with Rex Ryan.  I've never been a fan of the blowhard approach to interacting with the world.  The point of my post was that the man appears to have changed.  Or is doing so as we speak.  And change -- positive change -- is good.  And he should get credit for doing so.  Hey -- look what it did for my boy Tom Coughlin.  Two Super Bowls.  Two!

And while we're touching on the man's alleged foot fettish, how bad does that tattoo of his wife look now?  The one where she's wearing Mark Sanchez jersey?  This, courtesy of the NY Daily News ...

The only thing stupider than this is Sanchez' hairband ...

It's a terrible look, man.  It's working against you.  Fundamentally, half the challenge of being an effective quarterback is leading your men into battle.  If this dude was leading the Charge of the Light Brigade, I'd have totally pulled in my reins.

Half a league ...  Half a league!!!

I once drove Daughter #2 to visit High Point University.  Which was about a seven hour schlep from our previous stop in DC.  And when we stopped the car and got out, we couldn't help but notice that all the girls were wearing pastel cardigans and velvet headbands.  D#2 said let's split.  I said let me take a pee first.

HPU, by the way, apparently gets high marks from US News and World Report in their big college rating issue.  Maybe I should have left her there.


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