Sunday, October 13, 2013

Music for a Sunday Morning

Dog!  A title like that makes me feel like Charles Osgood.

Anyway, check this out.  The name of the film is Landfill Harmonic.  The person who sent it to me told me to make sure I watched through the :56 mark.  Me?  I watched the whole thing -- which I'd recommend to you, even though there's a high probability if you're reading this that you're a Philistine.

My favorite part happens at around the two minute mark when you first glimpse the orchestra.  Second favorite part comes a little bit earlier, when the kid says "This is what my cello sounds like."

And because our title is Music for a Sunday Morning, how can we not include this?

Stunning.  I never get tired of this clip.   Annoying, but given the 2.7 million viewings this has received so far, inevitable that they've appended a commercial.  I apologize, since TYOMP is a commercial-free site.

That said, if you'd like to buy a print of my work, go here.

UPDATE:  Hmmm.  After I published the post and played it back I saw there isn't a commercial.  Proof, like the 9th itself, that God exists?


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