Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Money Honey Seeks Financial Gain at the Expense of Her Dignity

I refer, of course, to Maria Bartiromo choosing to exit CNBC for Fox Business at the end of her contract.  Which is sometime around Thanksgiving.

Me?  I find this troubling.  Her belly full, but apparently she remains 'ungry.

This is a picture of Bartiromo staring out of her small office, yearning for greater things; reflecting on just how much money Fox is going to pay her ...

That's not Bartiromo.  That's the Pussy Riot girl with the impossible name.

Well here's Bartiromo on the air the other day.  She's aging beautifully, I think ...

That's not her either.  That's Francoise Gilot.
But she does look great for, like, ninety.


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