Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Reason Not to Watch The Voice

I refer, of course, to the huge NBC hit television show.

And although it's a hit, it should be noted that the vast majority of the world's population does not watch it.  I include myself in that group.

Rewind now to 2:00 pm Sunday.  A young woman is standing at the top of the observation tower at the Circuit of the Americas and preparing to open the United States Grand Prix with our national anthem.  We are also told that she is a winner -- the youngest winner, I think -- of The Voice.

Amazingly ugly structure, isn't it?  
Yes it is.  Only in Texas could they think this was a good thing.

Anyway, she then proceeds to butcher the NA.  Not much of a promo for the singing show.

And butcher might be the wrong word.  But her rendition generally sucked, even though I appreciated the restraint she showed by not tweetling through the final 'home of the brave' business.  This tweetling, often called Mariah Carey disease, is characterized by the false notion that adding multiple notes where one or two will do means you are a great singer.

But this kid -- her name is Danielle Bradbery, which is a fun way to spell Bradbury -- is apparently a member of the one-word-one-note school.  And I appreciated that.  But she still sucked.

Perhaps it was standing on that tower.  It's something like 160 feet tall, and given my general discomfort with heights (I always think my glasses are going to be blown off), I'm not sure I would have done any better.

Also, why did they put the tower where they did?

Wouldn't it have been better someplace where you didn't have to walk from one side to the other to watch the proceedings.  As opposed to right in the middle?


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