Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quick Football Notes

I have positive feelings about three Dallas Cowboys.  Total.  The rest of them can rot in hell.

First, Emmitt Smith.  Who really was the real deal.  Plus that whole Dancing with the Stars business.  Plus, who could forget him rushing for about 140 yards against the Giants with a useless right arm just dangling at his side?

Was it against the Giants or the Redskins?
I'm not sure, actually.  One of the two.  But I remember that arm.

Second, Duane Thomas.  Because he truly marched to the beat of his own drum, and by doing so drove Tom Landry crazy.

Third, Tony Dorsett.

Actually I take that back.  I don't like Tony Dorsett.  But he too was the real deal.  I was surprised to see the recent revelations about his mental decline due to impact-related head injuries.  Because the interesting thing about Dorsett was that he always seemed to me to be one of those gifted backs that floated above the fray.  Ladainian Tomlinson struck me the same way.  Anyway, I wish the guy well.

Update on Emmitt Smith.  It was the Giants.  And it was 168 yards.  And there's quite a fine story about it, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News, here.

As regards the New York Jets I have positive feelings about nobody.  Not after the thrashing they took from a mediocre Bills team this afternoon.  I should have gone to the Grand Prix.


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