Sunday, January 13, 2008


A couple of notes inspired by the NY Giants' victory over the Dallas Cowboys:

a) Fuck the Dallas Cowboys. If ever there was a more loathsome sports team please let me know. They deserve everything they get, if for no other reason than the clothes that buffoon Deion Sanders insists on wearing. Don't even get me started on his collar.

My mother, God rest her soul, could barely say the words Roger Staubach without spitting. Such was the passion she communicated to me regarding the Cowboys. I am proud to carry the flag forward.

b) It was a real pleasure to be standing at the bar at what some people consider to be the center of the universe, the Peter McManus Cafe, jumping up and down and hugging both dear friends and complete strangers as the bell sounded on Giants 21, Dallas 17.

The place literally went bananas. Bananas. I was surprised that the people I knew who were wearing guns (at least two, personally, and several others by sight) didn't shoot them off.

I would throw an additional kudo the way of the L.S.U. SwampCats--or whatever they are called--for stomping Ohio State big-time. My interest in LSU is recent and the depths of my fervor is, as yet, to be determined.

Me? I always wanted to go to Ole Miss, just because of the name. I am a sucker for southern girls.


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