Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Buy your own paper clips..."

Somebody wrote this on my Jimmy Cayne portrait. It's a reference to the corporate culture at Bear Stearns where niceties like pens, paper clips, desk chairs, etc. were not just hanging around for the taking. You were more or less expected to provide your own.

Another person described that same culture as "you eat what you kill."

Okay, that's all well and good. And if we assume Goldman Sachs to be the cultural polar opposite of Bear Stearns--everyone gets a desk chair (I'm just assuming), and the paper clips and pens are in the supply closet (ditto)--then how come two Goldman guys, after annotating Big Ben, hightailed it with my red markers?

This, I have to tell you, left me a bit high and dry, marker-wise. The good news is that it happened @ 3:30, meaning I had to make due with a single red marker for only about 45 minutes.

But still, really. Buy your own magic markers.

This, for the record, is Big Ben, in situ:


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