Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've gotta up my game

This from the Daily Beast...

What fiscal cliff? Christie’s held its largest-ever postwar and contemporary sale Wednesday, with art collectors from around the world shelling out record prices for works by artists like Franz Kline, Jeff Koons, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The auction brought in $412.3 million, surpassing the already-high estimate of $411.8 million. The night's big seller was Andy Warhol’s “Statue of Liberty,” which fetched $43.8 million. And you balk at paying $4 for gas.

Manoman.  I got an email a couple of days ago offering $30K for "The American Investor", a painting that's priced at $225,000.  At first I was annoyed.  But hey, you can't take these things too personally.  We corresponded and may, after all, end up with a transaction.  But it won't be for the painting in question.

In the meantime, this just went for Forty Large at the Christie's auction...

Fine.  All the best to Franz Kline.

And even though I like to say it's not a contest (although, obviously, it is), I submit this as Exhibit A for the defense...

This is a great painting, assuming we are using great in one sense but not, necessarily, another.  I should call Franz Kline and find out who's doing his PR.

Alternatively, maybe I should start painting black over top of white, rather than the opposite.

Could it be that simple?
I doubt it.


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