Monday, October 14, 2013

Just a little bit more about Warhol

This is one of his Mao paintings ...

They, like the Elizabeth Taylor paintings, are expensive too.

This is my portrait of Richard Grasso ...

And don't think I wasn't thinking of Chairman Mao when I painted it.  I'm actually very fond of this painting.  Want to buy it?  Too late.  Although I'm certainly willing to revisit the subject matter on your behalf.

One of the things that's interesting about the Grasso painting, to me at least, is that I was still in the phase where I'd sketch the outline of the head, then paint the background black, then paint the rest of it.  You can tell by looking at how sharp the line is around his shoulders.  The best part, though, are the swirls of white paint coming off his dome.

"My head's so big," the Elephant Man used to say, "because I'm full of ideas."


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