Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sarah Palin back in the news

Okay.  So Martin Bashir said something to the effect that somebody should shit in Sarah Palin's mouth.  Which, friends, is totally inappropriate.  Plus what an odd thing to say.  Anyway, he apologized, profusely.  I can't believe this hasn't been pulled, but here, for now, courtesy of Mediaite (terrible name), via U-Tube, are Bashir's exact comments ...

Calls for his head, predictably, arise from the right.   What?  Like Rush Limbaugh never shit in anybody's mouth?

Regardless, this level of scatological commentary seems to me like something that might merit a suspension from the airwaves.  To her credit, Palin does say, before she makes the slavery analogy, that she doesn't want it to be perceived as racism.  Which may or may not make what followed okay.  I kind of think it does.  And Bashir is, at times, kind of an asshole.

Slavery neither began nor ended with the slave trade of 18th and 19th century Americas.  And it exists today in alarmingly plentiful amounts.  So we should be able to use the word without everybody getting all huffy and self-righteous.  I can't believe I'm defending Sarah Palin.

Anyway, my duty as a Democrat is to recalibrate the discussion by airing the famous Colbert clip from 2010 calling Palin a "fucking retard".  (His word, not mine -- I find the term offensive).  But I can't find the clip.

Oh look!  Here it is ...


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