Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We All Die Someday

I say this because I cooked my omelet in duck fat this morning.  Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!  Whatever that means.  I can tell you it was a rich, full-bodied experience.  Onions, fresh peas, a couple of mushrooms, some smoked bacon and some eggs.

I say fresh peas under the assumption that they had been fresh just prior to being frozen and put in the bag.

I think the next time I do it, I'm just going to cook a plain omelet with the duck fat.  The way I might if I worked for Cook's Illustrated.  Just to hear it sing solo.  Because all those other ingredients had voices.  And they could be heard.

Or perhaps two small omelets, one in the duck fat and one in butter.

Fact of the day:  Wikipedia tells me that Jehoshaphat was the fourth king of the Kingdom of Judah.  Who knew?

This from Yahoo ...

Jehosaphat was a wealthy king of Jerusalem. One day an army came from Koopastan to steal Jehosaphat's princess and his mountain of gold coins. Jehosaphat challenged the most feared fighter in the Koopastanian army to one-on-one combat. Right before battle, Jehosaphat ate powerful mushrooms from his kingdom. Legend has it that during the confrontation, Jeosaphat doubled in size and leaped onto the warrior, crushing him flat. Recent scientific studies show that the Basidocarpus todensae mushroom of the desert has certain chemotactic properties that increase hematocrit levels in the myofibrils of muscles, verifying the possible "doubling in size". 

I might debate the chemotactic properties of those mushrooms as a "verification" of the doubling in size business.  Things rarely double in size.

Funny, I never quote from Yahoo.  This could be a first.

Why not?
Why not what?
Why not quote from Yahoo.
I always thought it was a stupid name.


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