Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Okay ... Now I'm Gonna Start Crying

To quote the title of my previous post, I would remind you that "We All Die Someday."  If that was it -- I can't see it as I write this.  It was the one about the duck fat.

And this includes our pets.  There's a photographer named Sarah Ernhart in Minneapolis who specializes in taking photos of pets and, often, their owners shortly before the pets are euthanized.  You can see the whole article here, with plenty of pictures.  Two of my favorites are ...

 And ...

This last one is a bit obvious on one level but it makes me sad just the same.  And when it comes to old warriors and their journey to Valhalla, you should leave the cynicism at the door.  That little guy in the top photo looks like he's ready to go.

Adios, Campagnolo.

Now I'm verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.


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