Monday, October 14, 2013


I understand that social media is important to the networks.  But I was watching a television show recently that posted twitter comments and reflected on the thought that I've never, in my entire life, read a twitter comment crawled across the bottom of a television that enhanced my enjoyment, knowledge, made me laugh, made me feel anything, whatever.  What a complete waste of time.

I would also add that one of the tweets came from someone who was actually onscreen at the time.  So it was obviously canned.  Which made it even more annoying.

I, of course, am on Twitter.  Please follow me at @GVRaymond.  And I used to post diligently in support of my paintingwallstreetweekly blog.  But it became a colossal drag and I just stopped doing it.

What a complete waste of time.  Worse than that, really, since now I feel guilty that I'm not working aggressively enough to move my needle.  So I'm depressed as well as annoyed.


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